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Mold workshop

We are equipped with radial drilling machines, ordinary CNC lathes, ordinary lathes, hand grinders, fine engraving machines, high speed CNC lathes, automatic surface grinders, mirror EDMs and ordinary EDMs.

Injection workshop

We have 75 injection machines, 75 automatic arms, 75 mold temperature machines, 56 color match machines, and 2 blowing and injection machines. We are equipped with a central automatic feeding system for raw materials. Injected components are put into crates in a dust-free workshop, which improves the utilization of raw materials and decreases dust pollution during injection.

Printing and assembly workshop

Our printing and assembly workshop is a classic 100,000 cleanroom. It has 17 assembly lines, 18 semi-automatic printers, 5 fully automatic printers, 6 leakage detectors, 5 lid ultrasonic machines, 17 screen printing and hot stamping machines, and 5 fully automatic assembling machines for pumps.

Coating workshop



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