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Mother's Day 丨 Mothers' love is Everywhere

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Whether you are a toddler or an old man,

In your mother's eyes, you will always be just a child.

She will always worry about your three meals a day,

If the season changes, ask you to warm up,

Advise you to sleep early at night,



You always rely on her and ask:

"Mom, where did you put my clothes?"

"Mom, do I look good like this?"

"Mom, what to eat tonight?"

"Dad, what about my mother?"



From a young age, my mother is the most powerful person in the world,

She knows everything and does everything.


However, as Xi Murong said:

"When I was a girl,

I'm afraid of darkness, I'm afraid of strangers,

Afraid of everything,

But when I became a mother,

For my child,

I became a one

Prepare to fight all dangerous female wolves. "

"Mother" this identity

Bringing her fearlessness.


People are set on May 8th of each year as "Mother's Day"

It's to let everyone put aside all shy shyness

Express your gratitude and love for your mother.

Don't let your expression stay in the circle of friends,

Go home to accompany your mother or make a phone call,

tell her,

She is the best mother in the world!



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