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The Spring is Warm and the Exercise does not stop!

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In the spring season, it is the right time to do exercise to stretch our bodies after a cold winter. Coinciding with the "May 4th" Youth Day, let us call our friends and bloom youthful vitality. Let us participate in the Games on May 4th, the "Youth Day ~


There are 6 participating teams in the Mandarin Fun Games, a total of 36 contestants. Different from the competitive competition of the school time, this Game will test the team cooperation. We set up 4 games to test the tacit understanding of the players. They have their own special names, namely: a circle to the end, touching the rocks, using hands and feet, and invincible wind fire wheels.


In the warm breeze, everyone cheered, cheered, applauded each other, and the scenery and laughter were laughing. The atmosphere was warm and interesting. The contestants worked together and courageous, the audiences were also high, and the sports venue was immersed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.


When you take the initiative to do something,

It is the best time,

It is not about age, or gender,

As long as you start action, it will never be too late,

May all of us,

Always maintain a youthful and optimistic attitude,

Always flourish!

Youth Day,

Wish all the cute Wansheng people a happy holiday!




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