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The activity of Quality Management

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When Einstein worked at Princeton University in 1951, he once ended an exam in the advanced class of physics. On the way back to the office, his assistant asked : "Dr., the questions you gave to the students in this class are the same as last year. Why did you give the same question in the same class for two consecutive years? ”

Einstein replied calmly: "The answer has changed."

So is the business nowadays. 

With the changes in the domestic and international situation, the appreciation of the US dollar, the raw material and oil price inflation, the government's supervision has been continuously strengthened, customers' product quality requirements have also been continuously enhanced, and the tolerant external conditions no longer exist.

Nowadays, what truly threatens the enterprises is not only the factor of the outside world, but also ourselves. In fact, as pressures rise, we need to improve professionalism, and also build intrinsic quality capabilities urgently, and quality capabilities are the market.

The trust ability of Wansheng is also a sub-item of confidence. Only in this aspect can we make greater increments to adapt to the future and turn the crisis into increments.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, introducing “quality management activities” to meet the needs of changing market conditions and improving the company’s comprehensive management capabilities.

In the future, Wansheng will have the opportunity to realize its desire to become a world-class enterprise.

Wansheng has invested a lot in the centralization of the injection molding workshop, and set up a clean workshop for injection molding, pre-treatment and printing&assembling workshops.

The “Quality Management Activity” mechanism creates a good hardware environment.

Everything is shining! Most of us don't know what they can change? They are always passively waiting to be changed. In a team, a thinking determines an act, behavior determines habits to form personality, and personality determines fate. So is the company. Culture determines behavior.

Wansheng’s culture - we have to evolve together!

Work hard together and everyone strives to be a better self!

Enterprises will continue to develop healthily!

We organize various types of training, learn advanced management experience, assimilate our own Wansheng culture, and assimilate Wansheng values from the bottommost part of the subconscious.

Going to the next heart, working together for your own growth and future! Work together to make the company's "quality management activities" and complete our own dreams.

Realize the vision of the company together!

Creating value with employees and customers is the only way for us to grow bigger. We will create high-level values instead of low-level values and move into a “new manufacturing” model.

Do the best in product and customer service, and then you will be luckier.



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