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  • Item No.: ZXZ
  • Color: Customized
  • Materials: over cap-PMMA actuator-PP pump-PP shoulder-ABS piston-PE  inner bottle-PP  outer bottle-PETB/PMMA
  • MOQ:10000
  • This bottle comes from the WXZ+WXZL+ZXZ family. It is designed with big diamond cuttings at the bottom of the outer bottle per the diamond ring. The bottle can be shiny and beautiful while the metalized or sprayed inner jar was reflected by the diamond cuttings.


Item NO. Capacity Height Diamater Weight OFC
ZXZ-30 30ml 139.4 44 109.5 33
ZXZ-50 50ml 175.4 44 138.5 53

ZXZ 产品组成英文版星钻系列 蓝银配色 20220726

星钻系列 外喷绿色 20230216


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