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  • 2024CiE Beauty Innovation Expo
    Mar 27th-29th, 2024, Wansheng Packaging appeared at Hangzhou CiE Beauty Innovation Expo again. As the leading manufacturer of refillable packaging, we focus more on customers' demands as well as market trends. The concept of environmental protection has always been the driving force of our continuous innovation and research and development. In the process of continuous innovation, it also improves the competitiveness of ours. Read More
  • Wansheng Communist Party Activity --Welcome CNY, Build a Better Future
    Every one tried the best and contributed to winning the game. Each game is like our daily work. Everyone performs their own duties and strives for the common goal. In 2024, Our original aspiration remains unchanged. Welcome new challenge with positive attitude. Best wished in 2024. Read More
  • Wansheng Exhibition | Bringing the Charm of Jiangnan to the United States
    The Las Vegas Beauty Exhibition in the United States is the largest and most popular beauty extravaganza, providing a crucial platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends and innovative products in the beauty sector. Read More
  • 2023 Cosmoprof Asia--Meeting You in Hongkong
    After 4 years, Wansheng bringing new items attended this top international beauty event-Cosmoprof Asia in Hongkong. The booth was kept the same style of "Wansheng Blue". The new display window brings more perfect visual presentation and more exquisite shopping experience. Read More
  • The Great Wanshengese--Let's go to see the world.
    We went to the end of the year together with 2023 in the busy days, we witnessed our own style, in the carving of time, leaving the brilliance of all things. Let's welcome 2024 with the growth of 2023. Read More
  • Best wishes during the Dragon Boat Festival
    Time interweaves with the fragrance of mugwort,Narrating that the years have not passed in vain. Read More
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