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Wansheng 2019 Meeting in Shanghai

May 20-21, 9:00-17:00

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Many friends from different brands asked me why many of the packaging materials suppliers at the US Fair were very nice and exquisite. The samples they used to make for them were very beautiful and very satisfying, but they received a lot of defects. Return the defects is not enough, this time let us talk about the keywords that must be known to find good packaging materials.

ZJB 30ml


01 | Good packaging materials, raw materials

In order to save the cost of packaging materials, many brand owners have pushed the price of the factory to cover the price of the materials. The road is one foot high and the height is one foot. The supplier is not guilty, can only find ways from the raw materials. There are too many raw material models and grades, so many materials and varieties, in fact, it is still a penny, a sub-material...


Z-F  30ml,50ml,100ml|W-F  30g,50g,100g


02 | Good packaging materials are made by engineer

The layman looks at the shape, the structure looks at the structure, and the structure comes from. From the structural design of the technical engineering department, the structure designed by the engineer directly determines the manufacturing of the mold, the productivity of the workshop, the difficulty of surface treatment, and the rationality of assembly. Therefore, the structural design is different, it will be a disaster of finished products. Wansheng engineers understand the excellent cosmetics brand, understand the psychological needs of users, pay attention to the customer's product experience, are willing to design a better product structure, and are willing to achieve more and better experience for customers.


S-SY 30ml,50ml | W-SY 15g,20g,30g,50g


03 | Good packaging materials, workshop construction, standard construction, system creation, thinking creation, culture creation...

No matter how the packaging material is produced, it is focused on the workshop floor to create the thinking of the people. The shop site requires standard specifications, including production operations, inspection procedures, and the height of the bottle. In this tens of thousands of product orders, when the return order will come to an unknown market.

The meager profits can't buy a toe of a popular robot, so from small to simple, from the basics, try to be more detailed and complete.

It is said that the packaging industry is very difficult to join, this is what a consumer can not perceive, is a wedding dress for people, silently behind the brand spotlight industry.

However, Wansheng people did not regard the packaging materials as a profit-only business, and would not drill all kinds of empty fast money. Wansheng people seriously built their own platforms and made their own business.

S-BS 30ml,50ml,100ml

W-VH  5g,15g,30g,50g,100g


The future will be a new retail era where the upstream and downstream synergies will serve the end consumers together and help the brand. Of course, everyone wants to buy more and better goods at a lower price. What brings a lower price? Only low-cost structure can generate low price.

What brings a low-cost structure? Scale effect! Wansheng people are willing to work with you to create a good packaging material supply chain that is made by the ingenuity, excellent products and excellent products. Let us make good packaging materials, conscience, and ingenuity!

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