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2024CiE Beauty Innovation Expo

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Mar 27th-29th, 2024, Wansheng Packaging appeared at Hangzhou CiE Beauty Innovation Expo again. As the leading manufacturer of refillable packaging, we focus more on customers' demands as well as market trends. The concept of environmental protection has always been the driving force of our continuous innovation and research and development. In the process of continuous innovation, it also improves the competitiveness of ours.

Wansheng Booth is surely the beautiful scenery line at the exhibition. Its unique booth design as well as exquisite products display not only attract the eyes of visitors, but also reflect its special view and pursuit of aesthetics. Let's follow the photos and look back at the highlights.

At the exhibition, our product design and color collocation have been highly evaluated. Meanwhile, the continuous launch of refillable packaging is in line with the current customers' demand of environmental protection. We had a deep communication with every visitor, timely understand the demand and feedback and continuously improve the product quality and service. We believe that under the continuous innovation and efforts, Wansheng packaging will bring more high-quality packaging solutions to the market.



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