Wansheng is originated from a poem of "A Long Song"--the springtime is in favor of vitality and all are with their pattern alive. That is, time is limited and ordinary us should focus and practice with hard work, innovation and continuous improvement. The company value of "Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork" is always running through the cooperation, team growth and development. Thanks for our work, daily life and society. Let's work together to study to realize our big vision.

  • 2020
    • Layer 1

      Made proposals COVID-19 to standardize the resumption of work and realize growth in annual sales. Improved automatization as well as the basic facilities in both new and old factories; organized a strategy for the integration of management. carried out party-building activities and passed five-star demonstration by the government. hosted the 6th Wansheng Education Fund Distribution Conference.

  • 2019
    • 1230327452253999106-2

      Passed factory audit by LOreal, Intercos, HCT, AA, Fusion and so on; hosted the 5th Wansheng Education Fund Distribution Conference; achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001,BSCI, and intellectual property management system certification; Identified as a high-tech R&D center in Zhejiang Province.

  • 2018
    • 1185042505852100610

      Started cooperating with Jianfeng per quality management counselling and annual business strategy; hosted the 4th Wansheng Education Fund Distribution Conference; opened a painting&plating factory; identified as a national high-tech enterprise and R&D center in Shaoxing City; obtained national industrial production license.

  • 2017
    • 1185042376668147714

      Opened a new factory with a construction area of 35,000; Jianfeng training for workshop line leaders; quality training for ISO9001 system.

  • 2016
    • 1185042244312690690

      Renamed to Zhejiang Wansheng Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd; 20-thAnniversary; Identified as a R&D center in Shangyu District; implemented ERP management system.

  • 2015
    • 1185041913641541633

      Organized management training; participated in regional orange war organized by Alibaba; started a Wechat public account; set up the“Wansheng Scholarship Fund” at Jinjin Primary School; total amount of expenditure on these projects reached USD 15million.

  • 2014
    • 1185041790606438401

      Identified as a high-tech enterprise in Shaoxing City.

  • 2012
    • 1369149681231343617

      Upgraded management; worked with Taiwan Jianfeng; carried out 5S management.

  • 2010
    • 1185041537391501313-2

      Attended Cosmoprof Bolognia in Italy for the first time.

  • 2009
    • 1185041429799825410

      Expanded the factory construction area to 8000 and introduced more automation equipment.

  • 2008
    • 1185041249021128705

      Obtained ISO 9001: 2008 and  ISO 14004: 2004 certification.

  • 2005
    • 1185041129801621506
      Updated the production technology; introduced automation equipment; attended domestic exhibitions, including one in Hong Kong.
  • 2004
    • 1185040852382576642
      Changed the product development and sales business model.
  • 2000
    • 1185040658353463297
      Renamed Shangyu Wansheng Plastic Packaging Co. Ltd.
  • 1996
    • 1185040122514350081
      Shangyu Wansheng Plastic Factory began the OEM of hot stamping and injection.


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