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Activity to welcome the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party

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On Jun 26th, 2021, Wansheng Party Branch combined the activity plan of “1+4+X”and organized all party members, mobile party members and party activists to go to House of Zhou Enlai,which is call “Find the growth of the celebrity, welcome the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party.

Listen to a party lecture 

On that day, party members went to the house of Zhou Enlai. The guide showed them and explained his life story. By this visit and study, it was a kind for thoughts renewing and also deepened the understanding of this famous prime minister. Party members would like to continue to understand our original mission, draw on the strength to move forward, and play a greater role in carrying forward the revolutionary spirit. 


Read a letter from home

At the house of Zhou Enlai, all the party members read “It is true to know the motherland from the isolated island ", "Please do not forget the legends of our heroine and hope to win the glory for our hometown." We felt the ardent hope to native people from Zhen Enlai by these letters. 


Review the oath.

The secretary of Wansheng Party Branch, Zhu Hui led the reading of oath when joining the Party, which showed each party member's determination and conviction of "Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind ". 


Organize a subject learning

Every one watched precious historical data and pictures at the house of Zhou Enlai, studied the history of the revolution from Zhou Enlai. He is the shining example and to our Party members. 


All the party members said that we should study the dedicated and selfless spirit of revolution, constantly strengthen the party spirit consciousness, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, with more full enthusiasm, more innovative ideas, more pragmatic style, into the work.

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In the afternoon, all the party members visited Shenyuan with more than 800 hundred years of history, which belongs to the businessman of Mr Shen  in the southern Song Dynasty period. It is famous by the love story between Lu You and Tang Wan. All the members were influenced by artistic conception of Lu You and the strong cultural atmosphere of Shaoxing.  


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