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Best wishes during the Dragon Boat Festival

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Time interweaves with the fragrance of mugwort,

Narrating that the years have not passed in vain.

The enduring charm of prosperity lingers,

In the serene essence of each scented sachet.

It embodies the Chinese spirit,

The unwavering pursuit of "choosing one path for a lifetime."

On this festive Dragon Boat Festival day, the air is filled with the subtle fragrance of herbs.

In anticipation of the Dragon Boat Festival, Wansheng Company is organizing a theme party-building activity called "Fragrant Sachets and Dragon Boat Festival Blessings."


The making of scented sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional folk custom in China. These sachets are filled with mugwort, aromatic herbs, and other traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, and are adorned with colored threads. They not only emit a pleasant fragrance and repel insects but also carry the auspicious meaning of wishing for smooth and successful endeavors in all aspects of life.


With hands holding colorful threads and hearts filled with aspirations, the poetic essence of scented sachets intertwines at their fingertips. Employees choose their preferred materials and sachet styles, engaging in lively conversations while carefully placing their Dragon Boat Festival blessings into the sachets.


One by one, these three-dimensional, full-bodied scented sachets exude a refreshing and delightful aroma. Everyone holds their handmade sachets, brimming with joy. The venue is filled with a faint scent of mugwort, soothing and comforting the hearts of all.

Through the art of making scented sachets, we not only embrace the charm of traditional folk culture but also find relaxation and joy in the process. Let's set aside the complexities of work, free our minds, and weave happiness with our own hands, spreading warmth to ourselves and those around us.


Wishes flowing through the stitches,

Passionate blooms on embroidered flowers.

Unity and creativity intertwined,

The bond that binds our team together.


May your life be filled with happiness and sweetness, just like the delicious "zongzi" during this midsummer season. Wishing you peace and good health on this special day.




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