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"Blue of Wansheng" 丨CBE in Shanghai

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The 26th CBE has been concluded. Wansheng Team went back with customers' affirmative and praises.  


In order to prepare the exhibition, We considered blue and yellow as basic elements, together with simple green plants, created a called " Wansheng Container". We set shop windows by different product families, which attracted customers in the exhibition and communicated with us. 


Meanwhile, we provided more references to our customers based on the designs and ideas. According to the understanding of products and professionalism of color matching, we displayed samples with printings in gift boxes to give customers directly perceived feelings. 



Refillable "Kafeng" series with patents are the popular creation by Wansheng. We displayed them by different spraying decorations and each one was welcomed by customers. There were also 7 new items showing at the exhibition for the first time.


Good feeling, perfect quality and full of designs" , which were great honors for us. 


Let's meet at South China Beauty Expo in Shenzhen. Welcome you with the same service and products. 


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