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CiE Beauty Innovation Expo | Embracing the Spring, Wansheng Packaging Concludes Perfectly.

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In the early days of February, as nature rejuvenates, the CiE Beauty Innovation Expo marked the first beauty exhibition of 2023, concluding successfully at the Hangzhou International Expo Center.

Wansheng Packaging continued its brand style, showcasing its blue and yellow industrial-themed booth in the VIP area.


At this CiE Beauty Innovation Expo, the focus was on "new technologies, new brands, and new buyers." As a trusted old friend, Wansheng Packaging proudly presented our new product series, engaging with everyone to explore fresh perspectives on packaging materials.


In this year's exhibition, replaceable packaging materials were widely promoted by various companies. However, Wansheng Packaging stands out as a pioneer in eco-friendly and replaceable packaging materials. As early as 2019, we independently developed and launched our replaceable packaging series - the Focus series. We have been continuously imitated but never surpassed. The path of independent research and innovative development will always be our steadfast backbone.


As the industry rapidly evolves, we have been continuously improving our own quality and services in recent years. With our expertise in eco-friendly and replaceable packaging materials, we have made breakthroughs in innovation and continued to develop the Infinity, Fantacy, Marvelous, and Absolute series, among others. Our commitment to research and development drives us to provide cutting-edge solutions and meet the diverse needs of our customers.


At the exhibition, Wansheng Packaging showcased various new craftsmanship and creative designs on our exquisite booth. This captivating display attracted numerous visitors and garnered recognition from many customers. The atmosphere at the booth was vibrant and filled with enthusiastic discussions and negotiations.




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