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Cosmoprof Bologna | Wansheng Packaging in Europe

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The COSMOPROF Bologna Beauty Exhibition took place at the Bologna Exhibition Center from 16-18th March, 2023, with great fanfare!


Once again, Wansheng Packaging appeared at the COSMOPROF Bologna Beauty Exhibition. Our team brought a diverse range of products, showcasing various color schemes and craftsmanship. We also proudly presented our self-developed new product series with patents like the Diamond and Absolute series. In response to market demands and industry trends, we introduced a plethora of innovative solutions and replacement packaging materials. Our commitment to research and development drives us to provide more cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Participating in this exhibition abroad for the first time after the pandemic, we were thrilled to reunite with many long-lost friends. The joy of meeting old friends was evident as we engaged in lively and heartfelt conversations. True to expectations, we brought forth even higher-quality products and solutions to share with our customers.

During the exhibition, the Wansheng team had in-depth discussions with numerous clients regarding the showcased products, especially the replacement series. Through live demonstrations and explanations, we provided a deeper understanding of the replacement structures.

Our products garnered immense appreciation from the on-site customers for their texture, color design, craftsmanship, product details, and innovative concepts. The upgrade in the concept of replacement packaging was particularly well-received. The positive response and great recognition from our customers filled us with anticipation for future collaborations.


As the three-day exhibition comes to an end, our journey never stops. We look forward to maintaining communication with you and continuously enhancing our professionalism to bring you more high-quality products and services. Together, we will forge ahead and create a brighter future!



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