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Discovery of Wansheng 2020丨Investigation from people's Congress of Shangyu

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On April 24, 2020, deputy director Jing, fang of Shangyu District People's Congress led a team to visit Wansheng for investigation. Minghui, He, chairman of Wansheng, and Xiaojiang, Xie,  general manager, gave a warm reception, and showed them to the injection molding workshop, pretreatment workshop, printing and assembling workshop and other production sites to learn in detail about Wansheng's personnel management, safety production, product quality and work flow.


Later, a discussion was held in the conference room. The leaders listened to Mr He's feedback on the production and operation of Wansheng company under the situation of COVID-19, especially the report on the order, personnel and epidemic prevention. They discussed the current situation and existing problems in the industrial zone, and put forward thoughts and suggestions for the future development.


Leaders fully affirmed the achievements of ours in the current background, and pointed out that under the new situation, we should do a good job in epidemic prevention, safety production and brand promotion.


The final conclusion about the discussion is that production safety and product safety are complementary to each other. How to find the contact point from production safety and product safety is the key point. Enterprise development should pay attention to the inheritance of enterprise culture, carry forward the spirit of workmanship, broaden vision and strengthen innovation!





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