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Father's Day 丨 Passing the Deep Love of Fathers

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The poet Beidao said

Father is a book

No gorgeous words

But there is endless truth


He is never a soft and delicate man like mother

His love is calm

But as deep as the sea

There is his surname in your name

There is his shadow in your eyebrows

You are growing up slowly

He is slowly getting older

May time go slowly

And then

We will guard my father

When people reach a certain age

Will suddenly understand many things

For example, love

For example

For example, every expression of father

He never says love you

But he gave you

All the best

When something is accumulated in heart

For a long time

It will pass out

At a right time

"Dad, today is Father's Day, happy holiday!"

"Dad, you will always be my super hero!"

"Dad, you have worked hard!"

"Dad, thank you!"

"Dad, I love you!"

"Dad, I miss you ..."

Happy Father's Day to Dad!

I hope my dad will never be old!

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