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Qingming--Discovery of Wansheng 2020

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The Tomb-sweeping Day is approaching, and everything comes back to life again. Qingming Dumpling is a traditional custom in Shangyu. In this special spring, 2020, let's make a record. The activity was organized by Wansheng Party Branch. 


In the canteen, everyone was busy kneading balls, wrapping stuff and making qingming dumplings. "Teachers" showed us how to make better ones. Joy was overflowing.


After ten minutes of anxious waiting, when we opened the top lid,  steam with special taste of spring coming from the face. Everyone couldn't help but swallow saliva, looking for their own fruits of labor.


After the activity, members from Party Branch shared Qingming dumpling with Wansheng people. It is just a kind of the taste of spring. 


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