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The 6th Wansheng Education Fund Distribution Conference

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In the morning, Sep 7th, 2020, the 6th Wansheng Education Fund Distribution Conference. as well as the celebration of 36th Teacher's Day was held at Jinjin Primary school.


Wang wensong,the secretary of the party committee in Songxia Town, said that what makes him happy is that Jinjin school insists on the theory of Fairy-tale education for 24years; what makes him moved is the hard working, teamwork and innovation of teachers who stay at Jinjin school; what makes him feel warm is that He Minghui from Wansheng representing all sectors from Songxia supported Jinjin school all the way.


It has been 6years since Wansheng Education Fund was founded. The team of investors is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks for the board of the Education Fund. As He Zizhong said, it will be meaningful as there are so many  people who are on the same wavelength.


Congratulations to every award winning teacher, Happy Teacher's Day to you all in advance. Thank you for your diligent , serious cultivation of the future flowers.


After the activity, all the trustees gave books written by He Xiashou as gifs to all the students. Wish all of their future study and lift full of happiness. 


Specially thanks all the trustees as follows: Quezui village: Wang Dijun , Wang Juanfen; Jinyue Plastic: Jin Hongjun, Lansi Leisure restaurant: Wang Hongwei; Xinhong Packaging: He Zizhong; Xinkai Packaging: He Zijiang, Tianwei Umberlla: Pan Wei; Gaofeng Tourist: Zhu Gaofeng;Aishi Wallpaper: Wang Huiying; Qianzhuang Village: Chen Jiaoliang; Wansheng Packaging: He Minghui, He Miaojuan, He Xuefeng.


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