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The Great 'Ta's

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The newest issue of The Great 'Ta's comes out of full anticipation and speculation! In this issue, we will see in the first outstanding team, and they are the printing team!


After the interview, you will find that every member of the printing team has some common characteristics: hard working, patience, and dedicated research spirit. In order to adjust the machine to the best mode to meet the production pressure of the new day, they arrive at the posts half an hour earlier than others every day, preparing samples and automatic fixtures, checking the screen plate, adjusting the ink, and customizing the daily plan.


In addition to doing their own work, they can often be seen helping others on the assembly lines. At the end of the year when the workshop is crazily busy, they are working like oil to ease the exhaustion of the workshop by offering favors everywhere. Their attitude and belief towards work can be expressed by those simple words, "learn more and do more, you can never go wrong".


They are strict with themselves and have the tenacity to overcome difficulties. They use their most pragmatic and firm hearts, to ensure the better quality of printing.


There are problems, we study together to conquer;

There is a run-in, we tolerate and understand each other;

There are goals, we learn to improve together.



The strength of one person is limited and fragile, but the team can burst out boundless energy. Our printing team showed us a good demonstration of working together to create a 1+1 greater than 2 effects. Manufacturing enterprises exist not because of one great person, but the glory of the whole team.


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