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The Great Wanshengese--Let's go to see the world.

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2023 is a year full of transformation for Wansheng Packaging. Everyone is busy and hard working to strive for the common goal.

In 2023, Whether it is the administrative staff in the office, or the front-line staff who silently stick to the production line, or the leaders of the management team constantly leading the direction, everyone's efforts are all the important part of the development of Wansheng.

 "The Great Wanshengese" is keeping reported. In particular, we would like to commend all . In order to thank you for working silently in the humble position, thank you for showing your extraordinary talent in the ordinary work, and in order to improve the happiness of employees, let us be happy together. The team building activity is lasting 10days, divided into 9 group to Wuzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen.

This is not only a simple team building, but also a unique opportunity for everyone to feel the company's care for team cooperation and personal growth.

The most precious wealth of the company is every one of you and me in the past 27 years. Thank every person for their wisdom and strength to the company. Your efforts are the source of power for the continuous growth of the company.

We went to the end of the year together with 2023 in the busy days, we witnessed our own style, in the carving of time, leaving the brilliance of all things. Let's welcome 2024 with the growth of 2023.



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