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The harder I work the more professional I am

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As a technical personnel, what kind of work skills shall we have? "Is it meticulous", "Is it diligent", "it is assiduous", "it is ready for the test at any time". There are various answers, but what can be sure is that our technical personnel must have the quality to meet difficulties.


At 3:30pm April 15, 2020, the "first ' Wansheng cup' staff skills competition - driving competition" organized by Wansheng party officially began in the eyes of everyone's fervent expectation.


Fifteen technical elites from injection workshop, mold workshop and R&D center decided by drawing lots to enter the driving skills competition.



I saw a contestant dressed in neat safety clothes, standing outside the yellow line, tightly holding the remote control of the crane, fingers move back and forth to control the movement of the mold in the air track. And the mold in the air, with the operation of different players sometimes smoothly go through the established track, sometimes disobedient to the edge of the obstacle. The spectators who watched the game felt sorry for the players because of the delay of each bump and applauded for the smooth passage.


The final result of the skill contest came after a tense match. Finally, Ruan kangcheng from injection workshop won the first prize with a time of 84.48 seconds and a standard score of 10 points. He tefeng from injection workshop and Chen yu from molding workshop won the second prize. Guo jinfeng and Wang jinyan from molding workshop and Chen jinhua from injection workshop won the third prize.


Today, in this lively way, we show the expertise of staff's technical talents. In fact, "Wansheng people" in their respective position needs the corresponding professional quality, and constantly surpass themselves to improve the ability. Now the external environment is full of uncertainty, which not only requires the company to grit its teeth and forge ahead to protect the normal work and rights of our employees, but also requires  "Wansheng people" to perform their respective duties in their posts and seek for ability breakthroughs.


Why is the water in the pond so clear? Because it has an inexhaustible source of running water. From the outbreak of 2019-nCoV to now, thanks for the understandings and supports of each one in Wansheng. Thank you for choosing to work together with the company, also thank you to strive for continuous improvement in the work, for the prosperity of the company to provide your own vitality!


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