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Wansheng Communist Party Activities丨 Celebrate the "7/1" Anniversary Activities

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Celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. On the July 1st, the Wansheng Party Branch held the office and the 6S evaluation of the production site. The best 6S office, the best assembly line and the best injection molding machine were selected to encourage employees to maintain a clean and safe working environment. In the afternoon, the Wansheng Party Branch awarded the award-winning employees in the Wansheng Skills Competition to encourage employees to continue to learn and improve theoretical and practical skills.


On the evening of July 1st, all party members of the Wansheng Sub-branch walked into Shaoxing Mountain Residence to carry out a series of activities. In a relaxed and happy environment, they exchanged work experience. During the event, the party members shook their spirits, singing red songs, and felt the excellent atmosphere of the party's grace in the singing.

On the morning of July 2nd, the party members took a group photo near the beautiful Shaoxing Mountain Residence.


In the afternoon, the Wansheng Party Branch visited the National Civilized Village -Zhuwen Village. The village located in the northwest of Songxia Town, Shangyu City. From a beach to the title of "Zhejiang Ecological Civilization Base", it has won more than 200 honors. Become a well -known model village. The party members deeply felt that under the leadership of the party, our lives have undergone tremendous changes.


Since its establishment in 2018, the Wansheng Party Organization has been responding to the party's call and carrying out party members' activities. The party's activities have strengthened the cohesion of party members, and more excellent Wansheng people are welcomed to join the Wansheng Party organization.





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