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Wansheng Cup 丨 Employees' Skills Combat

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In order to stimulate employees' learning intentions and improve their theoretical level and operating skills, in the company to form a good atmosphere of "learning technology, practicing skills, being able to make contributions, and contributions". The branch held the second "Wansheng Cup" skill combat.


The competition is divided into four items: gorgeous bottle body practical competition, charging carton practical competition, disciplined bidding for martial arts, robotic programming practical practice competition.

As soon as the referee pressed the timer, the contestants had no heart and highly concentrated on the operating platform to fight against time but methodical.

Participants must not only complete the operation in the shortest time, but also ensure the product pass rate and accuracy of operation.

This skill is better than the martial arts to learn, help each other, and grow up, so that the players form a good style of learning technology, comparison skills, and development.



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