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Wansheng Exhibition | Bringing the Charm of Jiangnan to the United States

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The Las Vegas Beauty Exhibition in the United States is the largest and most popular beauty extravaganza, providing a crucial platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends and innovative products in the beauty sector.


As a leading company in the domestic beauty packaging industry, Wansheng Packaging has been committed to independent innovation and research and development. Situated in the picturesque Jiangnan region, our products embody both substance and charm.

The "substance" represents the core of our products, ensuring high-quality output for our customers while minimizing the environmental impact. On the other hand, the "charm" signifies the aesthetic experience of our products, captivating the eyes of observers and delivering a delightful user experience.


At this year's Las Vegas Beauty Exhibition, Wansheng Packaging showcased an exciting new venture in replacement packaging – the Magic Cream Jar. Simultaneously, our best-selling products, the Focus Series, Diamond Series, and other flagship offerings, were also proudly on display.


Wansheng Packaging has never stopped exploring new frontiers in CMF (Color-Material-Finishing) for our products. With 27 years of industry expertise, our dedication to enhancing product experiences and packaging services has earned us the love of our vast clientele. At this exhibition, our offerings received great attention from on-site customers, leading to a continuous stream of inquiries and consultations.





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