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Wansheng Military Training | Uniting Hearts and Dreams

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On February 2nd, Wansheng Packaging kicked off the first company-wide team-building activity of the new year. This time, we started the New Year with military training, using a fresh perspective to face the challenges of the upcoming 300+ working days and missions ahead.


Unlike the physical training in our student days, this company military training is guided by the principles of "unity, shared dreams, and shared journeys," with the ideal goal of "creating together, sharing together, and winning together." The training aims to cultivate team cohesion and enhance a sense of shared identity among all members.


During the repeated drills of marching, shouting commands, and forming formations, each individual's willpower is honed. Through various team cooperation projects, team members help and cooperate with each other, unite under collective goals, and pull together like a tightly woven rope, all working vigorously in the same direction, ultimately reaping individual and collective rewards.


The three-day military training might have been short, yet it felt both endless and rewarding. We firmly believe that this training experience will become an invaluable asset to us in our future work endeavors.


In the year 2023, let each one of us embrace the common identity of "Wansheng employees" and work together in unity to accomplish the annual objectives set forth by the company. With our collective efforts, we will strive to deliver products and services of higher standards to our valued customers. As a united team, we are determined to make this year a resounding success for Wansheng Packaging.


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