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Wansheng News/ Safety Production / Excellent Implementation

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It is the duty of everyone to ensure safety production. All of us should pay more attention to improving safety production.


Minghui He

Chairman and CEO

Safety must be the basic but easy to be ignored one in all the manufacturers during the production. In order to be prepared for danger and realize the importance and necessity of safety production, the meeting about safety production was held on Apr 23rd,2020. There was clear demand that all the stuff should be always aware of safety production, including personal safety, safety usage of production equipments during production, and strengthen trainings of relative fire safety. Then, all the departments distinguished the risk of safety immediately and had major inspection of safety production in the factory, as well as emergency drills at main areas. 

At 4:30pm, Apr 25th, 2020, when the alarm bell sounded, the fire drill in Wansheng kicked off. 


Cover your mouth and nose, arch your back ,join the queue, and evacuate the simulated fire zone.


With the leadership of all workshop directors, stuff evacuated orderly according to planned escape route and formed up immediately in the front of factory buildings. All were present after counting. The fire drill was finished successfully with quick response and without any panic. 


Then the director from equipment department, Jianqi Wang explained and showed the function and instruction of fire extinguisher. All the stuff took part in the training of the usage of it. With actual operations, they knew more about the steps and methods of how to use fire extinguisher. (1. remove the safety pin; 2. hold the spray tube; 3. hold the handle with the other hand; 4. spray it aiming to the root of flame.)


With this fire drill, everyone raised the awareness and skills of fire safety , also strengthened the emergency response. Wansheng will always keep safety production in mind in daily work to lay a foundation of centennial enterprise.


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