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Wansheng Scholarship Fund Distribution Conference

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In the morning , Jun 1st, 2021. , the 1st "Wansheng Scholarship Fund" as well as the celebration of Children's Day was held at Jinjin Primary school. The leaders from Songxia Street, all the trustees from "Wansheng Scholarship Fund" , Leaders from technical arts college and art&design college of Zhejiang Sci-tech University, all students and teachers from Jinjin Primary school and representatives from Parents Committee attended the conference.


Wansheng CEO and the funder of Wansheng Scholarship Fund, He Minghui introduced the intention that was to encourage students from Jinjin to write fairy tales, publish books of fairy tales and make a good start of writing brand. On the special Childrens day, Wansheng Scholarship Fund was founded. Then, there are both Wansheng Scholarship Fundand Wansheng Education Fund, which make Jinjin Primary school more prosperious. 


Wansheng Scholarship Fund established the prize of Liuyi  Festival Gift,Xiao liyu Dilligent Study, Top Forty Xiao liyu Award,Jinjin Fairy Tale Creative Award,Little Jinjin Literature Awardand so on. After the first ceremony, there are forty students awarded by Top ten Xiao Liyu, fifty students awarded by Dilligent Xiao Liyu. They are all good youth of the new era with morality, culture, ideals and responsibility.


So much that leaders in each level paid much more attention on Jinjin Primary school, thanks for the active participant from Jinjin Primary school, and also thanks for big support from all trustees.

Happy Children's Day!

May every adult be full of childlike innocence.


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