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  • Item No.: ZKX
  • Color: Customized
  • Materials: over cap-ABS actuator-PP pump-ABS piston-PE  inner bottle-PP  outer bottle-PMMA bottom-PP
  • MOQ:10000
  • This set is designed per pyramid and modern industry feel. The inner cap looks like pyramid and whole items with tapered bottom looks like modern industry feel. This item is also refillable. We recommend to do decoration on the inner cap and inner bottle only.


Item NO. Capacity Height Diamater Weight OFC
ZKX-20 20ml 115.7 40 82.6 24
ZKX-30 30ml 136.7 40 99.3 33.5
ZKX-50 50ml 180.7 40 130.7 53.5

ZKX 产品组成英文版

ZKX多规格 蓝色外盖内瓶


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